Dorothy (Dot) Petty


Dorothy (Dot) Petty

Dot Petty has traveled far from her Portland, Maine base in quest of candlepin laurels. She's been handsomely rewarded in a brilliant career that spanned 20 years.

World champion from 1973 through 1976, she became in 1978 the first woman to enter the Maine Sports Hall of Fame.

She was worlds singles' best in 1967 and 1978, all events winner in 1972, was with Peg Nixon women's doubles winner in 1969, and with Nixon, Herb McBride and other partners was a member of 10 other world title teams.

She was WCBC Pro Tour Bowler of the Year in 1977, '78, 82 and '83; and in '72 and '83 won two tour stops with totals of 1,254 and 1,284. Dot paired with Wayne Alden for tour mixed doubles honors in 1980.

Petty and McBride in 1978 prevailed over a strong pro tour field in Lunenburg, N.S. McBride scored 1,441; Petty 1,235.

Maine Western and State titles were even more numerous.

Dot was Western Titlist from 1967 through 1972, and State champion from 1969 through 1979. She reclaimed the state crown in 1981.

Petty starred on TV. She made a record number of show appearances on Portland's Channel 13, and notched a record 28 straight show wins in 1968 and 1969.

Her most shinning moment in front of the cameras came on her home Big 20 Lanes, Scarborough. The hour had struck midnight, and her Cinderella comeback seemed to have fallen short. But Petty, renowned for her response to the most intense pressure, crashed a last-box strike for the world crown. The partisan crowd erupted.

Dot's seven Maine ten-string records featured a 1,320 in a 1975 state title match at Hallowell. Other state lane highs were 1,295 in 1968 at Congress Square, Portland; 1,196 in 1969 at Strike 'N Spare, Kezar Falls; 1,191 in 1969 at Waldoboro; 1,199 in 1969 at Colonial, Westbrook; 1,244 at Big 20; 1,220 at Roll-A-Way, Biddeford.

Her TV single of 171 is also a record.

Petty racked up the "Grand Slam" of candlepin bowling in 1969, collecting the singles and being a member of the women's doubles, mixed doubles, and women's team.

Dot was the color commentator on the Channel 10 Candlepin Bowling show hosted by the Big 20's Chris Anton.

After becoming Maine Pro Tour champion in 1985-86, and gaining Pro Bowler of the Year in that period, Petty retired.

Pinpointing her top achievement would be very difficult. Some would single out Petty's distinction as world champion 14 times in six categories. Other might cite her tournament debut in 1963, a surprise triumph in the Record American event.

Insiders say the best measure of Petty as a champion was donation of her 400 title trophies to the handicapped.


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